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8/24/19: Replacing MYSQL API with MYSQLi

8/24/19 (FIXED): Current problem is that loop apparently doesn't execute all the way through the About pages - notice that this query is the same one that successfully creates the page-top menu. ALSO, it would be nice to have the Site Map page link show "You Are Here" or something like that.

SELECT ChemPractice_directories.ID AS dir_ID, AS directory, AS name, ChemPractice_directories.ordering AS dir_order, page, AS page_name, AS dir_name, ChemPractice_pages.ordering AS page_order, ChemPractice_pages.directories_ID AS page_ID FROM ChemPractice_pages RIGHT JOIN ChemPractice_directories ON ChemPractice_pages.directories_ID = ChemPractice_directories.ID WHERE ChemPractice_directories.hidden LIKE 'no' AND ChemPractice_pages.hidden LIKE 'no' ORDER BY ChemPractice_directories.ordering, ChemPractice_pages.ordering